1 . 关于电器和冰箱

  •  冰箱和冰柜必须有铰链和闩锁,或者盖子和门必须拆下才能存放在室外。
  • 如果未拆下门或盖子,则设备必须始终保持锁定或安全关闭。这是为了确保儿童和动物不会被困在里面。
  • 违反这些规定的罚款范围为 200 至 300 加元。
  • https://www.calgary.ca/bylaws/appliances-refrigerators.html

2. 地址

  • 从道路上清晰可见。
  • Clearly displayed at the back of your property, if adjacent to an alley or public walkway, this will assist emergency services.

         Fines for violations of these regulations range between $100 and $300.
          违反这些规定的罚款范围为 100 至 300 美元。


3 .营业执照






Good repair means a condition where something is free from:

  • significant damage  严重损坏
  • peeling surfaces
  • broken, missing, or fallen parts
  • rot or other significant deterioration
  • openings that are not secured
  • other visual evidence of a lack of general maintenance

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $100 and $300.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 100 至 300 美元。


5 养猫

Under our Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, cat owners must ensure their cats:

  • Have a City of Calgary l​icense.
  • Remain on the owner's property.
  • Do not disturb the peace by howling or crying.
  • Do not damage others' property.
  • Do not scatter garbage.
  • Do not chase, threaten, or attack a person or an animal.

Fines for failing to comply with the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw range from $25 to $1500. 
不遵守负责任的宠物所有权章程的罚款范围为 25 至 1500 美元。



Under our Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw:

  • All dogs must have and wear a City of Calgary licence as soon as they reach three months of age.
  • All dogs must be on-leash at all times, unless posted signs indicate otherwise, or on property where the owner of the dog has the right of occupation.
  • Dogs may not be left unattended while tethered.
  • Dogs may only be transported in the back of a truck if the dog is in a fully enclosed trailer, a truck bed covered with a topper, contained in a ventilated kennel that is secured to the truck bed, or securely tethered and not standing on bare metal.
  • Dog owners must ensure that they bring along a suitable means to pick up feces.
  • Dog owners must pick up all feces produces by their dog both on and off their property.
  • Dogs must be under control in designated off-leash areas. This means they must be in sight of their owners and respond to sight or sound commands.

As a dog owner, you must ensure your dog does not:

  • Bite anyone  咬任何人
  • Injure anyone   伤害任何人
  • Chase, threaten or attack a person or animal
  • Bark or howl causing disturbance
  • Cause damage to property or animals
  • Scatter garbage   撒垃圾

Dogs are not allowed in:

  • School grounds  校园
  • Playgrounds   游乐场
  • Sports fields  运动场
  • Golf courses  高尔夫球场
  • Cemeteries   墓地
  • Wading or swimming areas

While on a pathway, your dog must:

  • Be on a leash no longer than two metres
  • Remain on the right hand side of the pathway
  • Not interfere with or obstruct other users
  • You may not cycle, skateboard or in-line skate with a dog on a leash while on a pathway.

Filing a complaint 提出投诉

Dog bites, as well as other incidents involving aggressive cats and dogs, must be reported immediately to the City of Calgary.

How to file a complaint and what happens to it.



7 大麻


City of Calgary 卡尔加里市

  • Cannabis may be consumed on private property in any form (smoking, vaping, or edibles)
  • Consumption of recreational cannabis is prohibited in any form (smoking, vaping, or edibles) in Calgary’s public places
  • Medical cannabis can be smoked or vaped in public places that are allowed under both municipal and provincial rules
  • Cannabis can be purchased at approved, licensed stores in Calgary
  • Prospective cannabis businesses can read all the rules and regulations online

Government of Alberta 艾伯塔省政府

  • In Alberta, the legal age to purchase cannabis is 18+ years
    在艾伯塔省,购买大麻的法定年龄为 18 岁以上
  • Youth can’t enter cannabis stores, even with an adult
  • Cannabis can be bought at licensed stores or online at albertacannabis.org
    大麻可以在授权商店购买,也可以在 albertacannabis.org 上在线购买
  • 30 grams of dried cannabis or equivalent is the most you can buy or carry in public at a time
    一次在公共场合最多可以购买或携带 30 克干大麻或同等物品
  • Cannabis can’t be consumed in vehicles, even by passengers

Government of Canada 加拿大政府

    • Driving while impaired by cannabis can result in criminal charges or even jail time. The Calgary Police Service enforces federal and provincial laws around impaired driving
    • You can grow up to 4 plants per household (not 4 per person)
      每个家庭最多可以种植 4 株植物(不是每人 4 株)
    • Giving or selling cannabis to anyone under the age of 18 can result in criminal charges or jail time
      向 18 岁以下的任何人提供或出售大麻可能会导致刑事指控或监禁


8 堆肥


  1. creating offensive odours; or
  2. attracting pests.   吸引害虫。

Owners or occupants of a premise must not place or allow to be placed cat feces, dog feces, animal parts or animal meat on a composting pile or in a composting container on the premises.

Owners or occupants of a premise must not allow an open composting pile on the premises within ten (10) metres of an adjacent residence, measured from the nearest part of the open composting pile to the nearest part of the adjacent residence.
场所的业主或居住者不得允许在邻近住宅十 (10) 米范围内放置露天堆肥堆(从露天堆肥堆的最近部分到邻近住宅的最近部分进行测量)。

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $50 and $100.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 50 至 100 美元。


9 选举标志

City sidewalks and boulevards

Election signs may be placed on sidewalks and boulevards at any time of the year.  They are generally treated in the same way as any other temporary sign.

Elections signs must comply with the rules set out in the Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw 29M97, including:
选举标志必须符合《公路临时标志附例 29M97》中规定的规则,包括:

  • The name, address and phone number of the person who placed the election sign must be legibly stated on the sign, as well as the date on which the sign was placed. Campaign Office address and contact information is acceptable to use.
  • An election sign cannot be placed on a sidewalk or boulevard:
  • for more than 14 consecutive days (except during an Election Period – see table below);
    连续超过 14 天(选举期间除外 - 见下表);
  • for more than 24 hours following the date any advertised event concludes; whichever is sooner.
    自任何广告活动结束之日起超过 24 小时;以较早者为准。
  • There must be a minimum 20-metre space or buffer between election signs from the same candidate.
    同一候选人的选举标志之间必须至少有 20 米的空间或缓冲区。
  • An election sign placed on a sidewalk or boulevard cannot:

    • have a sign face that is larger than 0.6 square metres (except during an Election Period see table below);
      标志面大于 0.6 平方米(选举期间除外,见下表);
    • be higher than 0.92 metres when measured from grade to the highest part of the sign (except during an Election Period see table below).
      从坡度到标志最高部分测量时,高度高于 0.92 米(选举期间除外,见下表)。

Election signs cannot be placed in the following locations:

  • Playground zones  游乐场区
  • School zones  学区
  • Closer than 2 metres from the curb or edge of the roadway
    距离路缘或道路边缘小于 2 米
  • On any traffic island or median
  • Along prohibited roadways

Elections signs must not be affixed to any of the following:

  • Streetlight poles  路灯杆
  • Traffic signal poles   交通信号杆
  • Sound attenuation walls   隔音墙
  • Plus 15 bridges  加15座桥梁
  • Any Calgary Transit sign poles or structures

For all rules that apply to the placement of election signs on sidewalks and boulevards, please see the Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw 29M97.
有关适用于在人行道和林荫大道上放置选举标志的所有规则,请参阅《高速公路临时标志细则 29M97》。

10 消防栓


A two (2) meter clearance must be maintained on each side of a fire hydrant and a one (1) meter clearance must be maintained on the side of a fire hydrant farthest from the street. Nothing may be erected and only grass may be planted in this clearance area.
消防栓每侧必须保持两 (2) 米的间隙,距离街道最远的消防栓一侧必须保持一 (1) 米的间隙。该净空区域内不得竖立任何东西,只能种植草坪。

Fire hydrant placement

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $100 and $250.​​
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 100 至 250 美元。​​


11 Fire pit safety 火坑安全

Safety rules for fire pits

  1. Backyard fire pits should be built into the ground, on brick or stone, or in a fire-proof container. Portable fire pits may be used on a deck as long as they sit on brick or stone and not directly on the wood.
  2. Fire pits must be at least two metres away from your property line, house, garage or fence.
  3. Fire pits must not be under any trees, branches, plants or other materials that can catch fire.
  4. All fires in your fire pit must be kept to a reasonable size; 1 metre high and wide. A mesh screen or ‘spark guard’ is required in order to reduce the spread of embers and sparks from wood-burning fire pits. The openings in the mesh screen must not be greater than 1.24 cm across.
    火坑中的所有火必须保持在合理的大小;高、宽各1米。为了减少燃木火坑的余烬和火花的蔓延,需要使用网筛或“火花防护罩”。网筛上的开口直径不得大于 1.24 厘米。
  5. Only burn clean, dry firewood. Do NOT burn:

    • Wood that is painted, treated or contains glue or resin
    • Wood from a different location, region or province
    • Wet or green/fresh cut wood
    • Yard waste (cut grass or leaves)
    • Garbage  垃圾
    • Rubber or plastic  橡胶或塑料
    • Furniture  家具
  6. Always have a way to put out the fire close to your fire pit. Keep a watering hose or a bucket of water nearby.
  7. All fires in your fire pit must be continually supervised.
  8. No Person shall ignite or allow an outdoor fire to burn on a premises:

    • between 12:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday; or
      周一至周五中午 12:00 至上午 10:00;或者
    • between 1:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday.
      周六或周日上午 1:00 至 10:00 之间。

To report an unattended fire, such as when the residents have been away from the fire pit for an extended period of time, call 311.
要报告无人看管的火灾,例如当居民长时间远离火坑时,请拨打 311。

To report an out-of-control fire that is spreading outside of the fire pit, call 911.
要报告正在火坑外蔓延的失控火灾,请拨打 911。



What is a fire ban?

A fire ban is issued to restrict or temporarily ban types of fire use within the city because of a high fire danger and poor air quality.

Each fire ban will include a list of prohibited fire uses, such as use of fire pits, chimeneas, barbecues and other forms of open flame devices.

Fines for violating a fire ban range from $500 to $5,000.
违反禁火令的罚款从 500 美元到 5,000 美元不等。

Fireworks  烟花

The use of fireworks is not allowed at any time without a permit from the Calgary Fire Department, regardless of a fire ban. 

Please visit this page for more information on fireworks permits. 

Fire bans outside of Calgary

Every town, city and forested areas in Alberta may have different legislation or bylaws for fire bans. It is important to read the details of a fire ban carefully and contact the city, town or Fire Department that issued the fire ban if you have any questions or concerns.

For information on fire bans in Alberta, please visit AlbertaFireBans.ca
有关艾伯塔省禁火令的信息,请访问 AlbertaFireBans.ca

12 垃圾处理

We have a number of bylaws related to garbage and trash. Below is a summary based on the most common questions we receive from Calgarians:

  • Single-family households are provided with green, blue and black carts. Carts can hold up to 60 kilograms. If your black cart is full and you have extra bags of garbage that will not fit, you will need to buy tags to put on extra garbage bags for pickup. Extra bags cannot weigh more than 20 kilograms.
    为单户家庭提供绿色、蓝色和黑色手推车。推车最多可承载 60 公斤的重量。如果您的黑车已满,而您还有多余的垃圾袋装不下,您将需要购买标签以贴上额外的垃圾袋以便取走。额外行李的重量不能超过 20 公斤。
  • Extra yard waste must be in paper yard waste bags. Roll the tops of the bags closed to prevent spills and allow your collector to pick up bags properly. Set bags at least 0.5m (2 ft) away from the side of your cart.
    额外的庭院垃圾必须放入纸庭院垃圾袋中。将袋子的顶部卷起来,以防止溢出,并让收集者正确拾取袋子。将袋子放置在距购物车侧面至少 0.5m(2 英尺)的位置。
  • Carts should be set out by 7 a.m. on your collection day, but not before 7 p.m. the day before and be removed no later than 7 p.m. on collection day.
    手推车应在收集日上午 7 点之前出发,但不得早于晚上 7 点。前一天并在晚上 7 点之前移除。在收集日。
  • Sharp objects must be packaged in a puncture resistant, non-breakable container with a tight fitting lid before putting in your black cart.
  • All waste must be placed in proper garbage containers with handles and lids (max. 100 litres), or in a standard plastic garbage bag.
    所有废物必须放入带有手柄和盖子的适当垃圾容器中(最多 100 升),或放入标准塑料垃圾袋中。
  • Garbage must not accumulate on your property.
  • Owners/occupants are responsible for maintaining their property in a tidy condition.
  • Collector's access to the garbage collection site must not be blocked.
  • All material transported to the landfill must be covered or secured in transit.
  • Garbage must not be burned.
  • Medical waste and needles must be properly packaged and made safe for collection. Place them in puncture resistant non-breakable containers with a tight-fitting lid and put in black cart as garbage.
  • Animal waste and sawdust need to be placed in a paper bag and rolled closed or placed in a compostable bag and tied closed and put in the green cart.
  • Garbage dusty materials, like street sweeping and vacuum dust, needs to be double-bagged in plastic garbage bags and then put in the black cart.
  • Hazardous waste, biochemical waste, dead animals, tires, automobile parts, furniture and liquids must not be set out for residential garbage collection.
  • Commercial waste must be set out in a commercial bin for collection.

All material transported to the landfill must be covered or secured in transit

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $125 and $1,000.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 125 美元至 1,000 美元。

Kinds of waste 废物种类

Animal waste is any kind of waste that comes from animals or from the treatment of animals. Exceptions to this include animal bodies or carcasses, and body parts of animals.

Biomedical waste includes:

  • human waste, including parts of the human body and tissue;
  • infectious human waste; 传染性人类废物;
  • infectious animal waste.

Microbiological waste including cell cultures and specimens of microorganisms. This also includes laboratory material that has come into contact with these.

  • Blood and body fluid waste;
  • Medical sharps such as needles, syringes, scalpels, razor blades and precision knives. This also includes contaminated broken glass and laboratory materials capable of causing punctures or cuts.

General medical waste is any kind of non-hazardous medical waste. It includes soiled dressings (such as band-aids and gauze), sponges, surgery drapes, casts, catheters, disposable gloves and specimen containers. Lab coats, aprons, towels and disposable sheets are also a part in this category.

Hazardous waste is any kind of waste that has dangerous properties to it. You can find out more about what these properties are in the Environment Protection and Enhancement Act and in the Waste Control Regulation.

Industrial waste is any kind of waste created by commercial or industrial activities that poses health, safety, and/or environmental concerns.

This form of waste includes lime, sulphur, asbestos, contaminated soil, empty chemical containers and drums, carbon, caustics, sludge, and industrial sump water.

Yard waste is waste from that comes from gardening or yard maintenance activities, such as lawn mowing and/or pruning. This kind of waste includes grass, leaves, plants, tree and hedge clippings, and sod​.

13 Glenmore 水库

Under our Water Utility Bylaw, no person shall:

  • enter or remain in or upon the water or the ice of the Glenmore Reservoir;
  • place any object or thing in the water or upon the ice of the Glenmore Reservoir or any stream flowing into the Glenmore Reservoir;
  • do anything or place or throw anything which may pollute or contaminate the water of the Glenmore Reservoir;
  • allow any drain to be connected to any structure or device which drains into the Glenmore Reservoir.

Dogs on the Reservoir

Under our Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, the owner of any animal must ensure that their animal does not enter or remain in the water or upon the ice of the Glenmore Reservoir at any time.

14 涂鸦

Graffiti includes words, figures, letters, drawings or stickers applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed or attached on or to a public surface.

Under our Community Standards Bylaw applying graffiti is illegal. Property owners must ensure that graffiti placed on their premises is removed, painted over, or otherwise permanently blocked from public view.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $150 for failure to remove graffiti to $5,000 for applying graffiti.
违反这些规定的罚款范围从未能清除涂鸦的 150 美元到涂抹涂鸦的 5,000 美元不等。


15 宣传单


The bylaw defines the following:

  • Flyer: includes any printed or written matter, and includes a circular, leaflet, pamphlet, paper, booklet, postcard, or any other printed or otherwise reproduced matter of literature.

    (Non-commercial flyers distributed by interest groups to express an opinion on an issue or a cause are included in the definition of ‘flyer’) 
  • Graphic Image: a visual image showing, or purporting to show, a fetus or any part of a fetus.

The bylaw outlines that flyers that have graphic images of fetuses must:

  • be concealed in an opaque envelope,
  • have a graphic content warning, and
  • include the name and address of the sender, when delivered to homes.


16 草

Under our Community Standards Bylaw, private property owners must ensure that grasses and herbaceous plants do not exceed 15 cm (six inches) in height.
根据我们的社区标准章程,私人业主必须确保草和草本植物的高度不超过 15 厘米(六英寸)。

This is not to prevent or discourage xeriscaping (low water gardening practices) and does not apply to cultivated gardens.

Property owners are also responsible for caring for and maintaining the area adjacent to their property (i.e. boulevards) up to the middle of the alley and the street.

Bylaw Officers may respond to any complaint made and will issue Remedial Orders to property owners who have failed to keep their grass and herbaceous plants below 15 cm on their property.
附例官员可以对提出的任何投诉做出回应,并向未能将其财产上的草和草本植物保持在 15 厘米以下的业主发出补救令。

Non-compliance of an Order will result in the City taking corrective action and the property owner will be responsible for any costs incurred.

A $400 fine may also be issued in accordance with the Community Standards Bylaw for this type of violation.​​
对于此类违规行为,还可能根据社区标准章程处以 400 美元的罚款。​​

Foxtail Barley 狐尾大麦

As a perennial grass, foxtail barley must be controlled on properties under the Community Standards Bylaw.

Mitigation prior to foxtail barley reaching 15 cm is crucial to prevent seeding and further spread.
在狐尾大麦长到 15 厘米之前进行缓解对于防止播种和进一步蔓延至关重要。

An amendment to the Community Standards Bylaw adds the requirement that nuisance property owners control foxtail barley over 8 cm, before it poses a hazard to local pets. More information on foxtail barley and pet safety can be found here.
《社区标准章程》的修正案增加了一项要求,即扰乱业主必须将狐尾大麦控制在 8 厘米以上,以免对当地宠物造成危害。有关狐尾大麦和宠物安全的更多信息可以在这里找到。

Under the bylaw, a nuisance property is defined as a residential or commercial property that shows signs of serious disregard for general maintenance and upkeep, adversely affecting the safety or health of surrounding residents.

The specified penalty is $500 and peace officers may issue a remedial order to direct the manner in which the plant is to be controlled, where necessary.
规定的罚款为 500 美元,治安官员可以在必要时发出补救令来指导控制工厂的方式。


17 空转

我们的社区标准章程禁止卡车在住宅区静止不动或距住宅区 150 米范围内空转超过 20 分钟。

To help reduce idling, we have developed a sign that can be posted in problem areas. You may download, print, and use this PDF file:
为了帮助减少空转,我们开发了一个可以张贴在问题区域的标志。您可以下载、打印和使用此 PDF 文件:

Idle Free Zone Sign

Green plastic idling signs (maximum number of two per customer) are available at no charge and white metal idling signs are available for purchase at:

Traffic Permits Counter
Main Floor Building E, Manchester Centre
2808 Spiller Road SE, Calgary
Fax: 403-268-5850
Open: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
开放时间:上午 8 点至下午 4:30从星期一到星期五

Please note: signs must not be installed on City right-of-way.


18 非法倒垃圾


Illegal dumping costs everyone, negatively affects our environment, wildlife, and use of public spaces, and can create safety hazards. When items are dumped in public spaces, The City must absorb these costs, reducing other service opportunities.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Furniture 家具
  • BBQs 烧烤
  • Mattresses 床垫
  • Yard waste i.e. leaves, grass and branches
  • Construction material i.e. drywall, siding, shingles, carpet, lumber

All waste must be disposed of properly. Large, bulky waste and construction debris can be dropped off at a City of Calgary Throw N'Go site for a fee. See the list of residential items that may be disposed of at no cost.
所有废物必须妥善处理。大型垃圾和建筑垃圾可扔到卡尔加里市的 Throw N'Go 站点,需付费。请参阅可以免费处置的住宅物品列表。

Calgary offers various waste management options, including recycling, composting, and waste collection services. Utilize these resources to ensure waste is handled appropriately and minimize environmental impact.


19 乱扔垃圾

Leaving litter, garbage, refuse, cigarette butts and other waste material on private or public property makes the city look dirty and unhealthy. It can also have serious impacts on our environment and public safety.

Littering bylaws help keep our communities and public areas clean. Our littering bylaws state:

  • The improper disposal of burning material, including lit cigarettes, will result in an increased fine.
  • Waste must not be disposed of on any public property, aside from in an appropriate receptacle.
  • If a vehicle is involved in a littering offence, the registered owner of that vehicle may be charged.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $500 and $1000.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 500 至 1000 美元。


20  排水

It is an offence to allow any prohibited material into the stormwater system.

Examples of prohibited materials include: soil, waste, animal waste, fecal matter, cooking oils, greases, gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluids, solvents, paint, cement, sawdust, yard waste, pesticides, biomedical waste, hazardous waste, soaps, odorous materials, detergents and water from hot tubs.

Vehicles must be washed at a car wash and not on a road, an alley or a driveway.

Drain hot tubs and swimming pools directly into the wastewater drain located in the basement of your residence. This ensures that pool/hot tub water does not enter the storm sewer system. Further information can be found in the Wastewater Bylaw.

Directing storm drainage

Downspouts and eaves troughs must not terminate within 2 metres of a surface drainage facility (unless located in a side yard) or a street, which includes alleys and lanes. Further information regarding directing of downspouts can be found in the Community Standards Bylaw.
落水管和屋檐槽不得终止于地表排水设施(除非位于侧院)或街道(包括小巷和小巷)2 米范围内。有关落水管方向的更多信息可以在社区标准章程中找到。

Surface drainage facilities

It is a requirement to keep surface drainage facilities on private property (known as "Overland Drainage Right-of-Way" (ODRW) including swales and catch basins/drains) clear of any soil, silt, yard waste or any other matter that may obstruct, restrict or prevent the flow of water.

Buildings or structures cannot be constructed or placed on or over the surface drainage facility. If a fence must be built over the facility, there must be at least 6 inches (15 cm) of clearance between the facility and the bottom of the fence.
建筑物或构筑物不得建造或放置在地表排水设施上或上方。如果必须在设施上方建造围栏,则设施与围栏底部之间必须至少留有 6 英寸(15 厘米)的间隙。

Use of storm drainage

The use of any storm drainage for activities such as construction or irrigation purposes is prohibited without the written consent of the Director of Resources.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $75 and $3,000 for the first offence.
违反这些规定的初犯罚款为 75 美元至 3,000 美元不等


21 噪音

In Calgary, all residents have the right to not be disturbed by noise. Sound is restricted to certain levels during the daytime and at night.

All residents have the responsibility not to make noise that disturbs others and adhere to all bylaws related to noise. These include:

  • Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday to Saturday and 10pm to 9am on Sunday and holidays, you may not operate:
    晚上 10 点之间周一至周六上午 7 点以及周日和节假日晚上 10 点至上午 9 点,您不得操作:

    • A hand lawn mower  手动割草机
    • A motorized garden tool
    • A power tool outside of any building or structure
    • A model aircraft driven by an internal combustion engine of any kind
    • A snow clearing device powered by an engine of any kind (snow clearing devices are exempt during the 48 hour period following a snowfall)
      由任何类型的发动机驱动的除雪装置(降雪后 48 小时内的除雪装置除外)
    • A leaf blowing device
    • A sport ramp   运动坡道
  • Tips for reducing sport ramp noise can be found on our Sport Ramps Tips page.
  • You may not operate an outdoor speaker system within 150 metres of a residential development between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday through Sunday (Exception: During the Calgary Stampede, restrictions are in effect between midnight and 7 a.m.)
    晚上 10 点至晚上 10 点之间,您不得在住宅开发区 150 米范围内操作室外扬声器系统。周一至周日上午 7 点(例外:卡尔加里牛仔节期间,限制在午夜至上午 7 点之间生效)
  • This is not intended to prohibit construction activities such as framing and interior work; however power tools mentioned above may not be used outside at night.
  • Additional noise restrictions can be found in the Community Standards Bylaw.

The fine for noise over the allowable limit is $250. The fine for outdoor concert noise/outdoor speakers exceeding the allowable limit is $500.
噪音超过允许限度的罚款为 250 美元。室外音乐会噪音/室外扬声器超过允许限度的罚款为 500 美元。

Traffic or vehicle noise

Vehicle noise, including noise from a vehicle's stereo, on public property falls under the Traffic Bylaw.

Vehicle noise, including noise from a vehicle's stereo, on private property falls under the Community Standards Bylaw.

Any vehicle in motion emitting noise measured at 96 decibels or more by a sound pressure level meter is “objectionable noise” and is in contravention of the Traffic Bylaw.
任何行驶中的车辆发出的噪音(经声压级计测量为 96 分贝或以上)均属于“令人反感的噪音”,并且违反了《交通法规》。

Animal noise  动物噪音

Animal Owners must supervise their pets when outside so they do not cause a nuisance by their behaviour including barking. This is covered under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.

Noise exemption permits  噪音豁免许可证

Eligible applicants may apply for a Noise Exemption Permit. These allow citizens and organizations temporary permits that allow for exceptions to the Community Standards Bylaw.


22 滋扰


  • Activities that allow dust, smoke or other similar matter to escape the premises are not permitted without taking proper precautions to prevent them from escaping.
  • Shining an outdoor light directly into the living or sleeping areas of adjacent houses is not permitted.
  • Papers, flyers, loose debris, etc. must be collected and contained on your premises so that they do not escape onto neighbouring properties.
  • Hoses, downspouts, and eaves troughs must not be placed in such a manner that allows water to flow onto adjacent properties.

Whether a complaint constitutes a nuisance is to be determined by the court.

A court may take the following factors into consideration:

  • The frequency of the activity.
  • The intensity and duration of the activity.
  • The time of day or season.
  • The nature of the surrounding area.
  • The effect on a complainant or complainants and the effect on the surrounding area.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $300 and $500.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 300 至 500 美元。


23 室外照明

In Calgary, no owner or occupant of a residence shall allow an outdoor light to shine directly into the living or sleeping areas of an adjacent residence.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $100 and $300.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 100 至 300 美元。

24  乞讨

Panhandling is permitted within Calgary under the following restrictions:

  • Panhandling is not allowed within 10 metres of the entrance to a bank, an automated teller machine, a transit stop or pedestrian walkway (pedestrian walkways include +15, or any below or above grade walkway, but not a sidewalk).
    银行、自动提款机、公交站或人行道(人行道包括+15,或任何地下或地上的人行道,但不包括人行道)入口处 10 米范围内不允许乞讨。
  • Panhandling is not allowed between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.
    晚上 8 点至晚上 8 点之间不允许乞讨。和上午 8 点
  • A panhandler cannot obstruct the passage of, walk next to or follow the person being solicited.
  • A panhandler cannot solicit money from an occupant in a motor vehicle.
  • A panhandler cannot continue to engage a person who has declined the solicitation.

25 房车停放

Our Traffic Bylaw regulates the parking and use of recreational vehicles, such as motor homes or trailers, in the city. Below is an overview of our regulations:

  • Detached trailers and campers cannot be parked on city streets or alleys.
  • RVs, such as motor homes, can be parked on a street immediately adjacent to the owner's residen​​ce for a maximum of 36 hours. The RV must then be moved to an off-street location for at least 48 hours before it can be returned to the street.
    房车(例如房车)可以在紧邻车主住所的街道上停放最多 36 小时。然后,房车必须移至街外位置至少 48 小时,然后才能返回街道。
  • The Community Standards Bylaw allows parking of Recreational Vehicles (for example, RVs and boats) on a hard surfaced driveway or parking stall in the front yard of a house for up to 36 hours.
    社区标准附例允许将休闲车(例如房车和船只)停放在房屋前院的硬面车道或停车位上,最长停放时间为 36 小时。
  • Parking of RVs in a side yard setback is allowed under Land Use Bylaw 1P2007.
    根据土地使用条例 1P2007,允许将房车停放在侧院后退处。
RV Bylaw
  • Parked RVs and boats cannot block the view of intersections, crosswalks, playgrounds or signs.
  • Parked RVs and boats cannot obstruct the movement of other vehicles.

26 公园 道路


Violations of this bylaw are subject to fines ranging between $50 and $1500.
违反本章程将被处以 50 至 1500 美元不等的罚款。

Parks  公园

  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Do not litter.   不要乱丢垃圾。
  • Do not disturb or feed wildlife, including birds.
  • Only electric recreational vehicles listed on the web​ are permitted on the pathways, such as electric assisted bicycles.

Encroachments into City of Calgary parks and green spaces

The new bylaw came into effect March 2019. Any unauthorized encroachment onto a City owned park or green space is now a fineable offence.
新附例于 2019 年 3 月生效。任何未经授权侵占市政府拥有的公园或绿地的行为现在都将被处以罚款。

Signs  标志

You must obey posted signs, as they are there to alert you to important rules and regulations. These rules were designed for your safety and security.

Pathways  途径

  • The speed limit along the pathways is 20 km per hour, unless otherwise posted, regardless of the type of vehicle being used.
    除非另有说明,无论使用何种类型的车辆,道路上的速度限制均为每小时 20 公里。
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Stay to the right side of the pathway except when passing.
  • Do not pass in sections with a double yellow line.
  • When using a recreational vehicle such a bicycle or segway, use a bell, whistle or horn when passing others.
  • Yield to the right of way.
  • Everyone, including walkers and joggers, must be visible to other pathway users.
  • Pedal assist electric bicycles are allowed on pathways, except where bicycles are prohibited.
  • Power on demand electric or gas bicycles are not allowed on pathways.

Visit the Calgary Pathways & Bikeways map to access more information while you are on the go.

Cycling  骑自行车

  • It is law that all youth under 18, must wear a CSA, ATM or Snell-approved helmet.
    法律规定,所有 18 岁以下的青少年必须佩戴 CSA、ATM 或 Snell 认可的头盔。
  • Make sure your bike is equipped with at least one working brake and a bell, horn or other alerting device.
  • If you’re riding your bike at night, it must have at least one red taillight, one white headlight and one red reflector mounted at the rear.

In-line skating  直排轮滑

  • We recommend you wear an approved helmet, elbow and wrist protectors and knee pads.
  • If you’re in-line skating at night, you must have clear or red lights affixed to your body or clothing that are visible from both the front and back.

Trees, plants and weeds

  • It is illegal to prune or remove a tree on City land.
  • Leave the park the way you found it. Don't collect plant or animal material or cause damage to a park.
  • Don’t pick or pull weeds without a permit. In some cases, Calgary Parks is utilizing bugs to destroy entire areas of a very specific weed. Pulling a weed may inadvertently destroy these helpful bugs.

Dogs  小狗

  • All dogs must be on a leash that is no more than 2 metres long.
  • All dogs must be on a leash unless in a designated, signed off-leash area.
  • Pick up your dog's waste.
  • Dogs must stay on the right side of the pathway unless passing.
  • You cannot cycle or in-line skate on a pathway with a leashed dog, unless you are operating a wheeled device designed for people with disabilities.​
  • All dogs must be under their owner's control in an off-leash area. This means they must respond to sign and sound commands.
  • Download the City of Calgary Pets App to access more information on the go.

27  公共场所行为举止

that may have a negative impact on the enjoyment of public spaces in Calgary. Here is an overview of our bylaw:

  • Fighting is prohibited in public places.
  • Defecating and urinating are prohibited in public places as well in public while on private property.
  • Spitting is not permitted in any public place or in public or private property.
  • Loitering that obstructs other people in public places is prohibited.
  • Standing or placing one's feet on tables, benches, planters, or sculptures is not permitted in a public place.
  • No person shall carry a knife that is visible in a public place.
  • Harassing others in a space within Calgary where the public has access, including on sidewalks, in businesses such as restaurants, in libraries, etc. is prohibited.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $50 and $300.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 50 至 300 美元。

28 安全和包容性

What types of protests are not allowed within 100 metres of an entrance to a recreation facility or library?
娱乐设施或图书馆入口 100 米范围内不允许进行哪些类型的抗议?

Specified protests are those objecting to an idea or action related to human rights; these include race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation.

All individuals must abide by the bylaw.

While these demonstrations are still permitted, they must not be within 100 metres of an entrance to the recreation facility or library, or block access for others to enter or exit a recreation facility or library.
虽然这些示威活动仍然被允许,但不得在娱乐设施或图书馆入口的 100 米范围内进行,也不得阻碍其他人进出娱乐设施或图书馆。

Where and when are these protests not allowed?

Specified protests are not allowed inside a City-operated recreation facility (or other designated facility) or within 100 metres of an entrance to a City-operated recreation facility (or other designated facility), or library.
禁止在市政府运营的娱乐设施(或其他指定设施)内或市政府运营的娱乐设施(或其他指定设施)或图书馆入口 100 米范围内进行特定抗议。

This applies during the facility’s operational hours and one hour before and after.

29  标识牌

Signage includes temporary signs, mobile community signs, election signs, and signs that advertise a service. All of these are regulated under our Temporary Signs Bylaw.

Signs on municipal property

A temporary sign is not legally placed if it:

  • Is closer than 15 metres to any intersection.
    距任何交叉路口均小于 15 米。
  • Is closer than 30 metres to any City bus shelter, transit bench, bus zone, LRT station, or LRT platform.
    距离任何城市巴士候车亭、公交长凳、巴士区、轻轨站或轻轨站台均不到 30 米。
  • Is placed in a Playground Zone or School Zone.
  • Is placed within 20 metres of a sign which is posted by the same owner or depicts, advertises or promotes the same idea.
    放置在由同一所有者张贴或描绘、宣传或宣传同一想法的标志的 20 米范围内。
  • Is placed on or within 2 metres of a Fire Hydrant.
    放置在消防栓上或距离消防栓 2 米以内。
  • Is placed within 10 metres on a crosswalk that is not at an intersection.
    放置在非十字路口的人行横道上 10 米以内。
  • Is closer than 2 metres from the curb or edge of road.
    距路缘或道路边缘小于 2 米。
  • Is placed on any traffic island or centre median.
  • Obstructs any traffic control device.
  • Is erected on any prohibited or restricted roadwayView map.
  • Creates a traffic or pedestrian hazard.
  • Is displayed for more than 14 days before or more than 24 hours following the date of the advertised event, whichever is less (see exceptions for election signage below).
    显示时间超过广告活动日期之前 14 天或之后 24 小时以上,以较短者为准(请参阅下面的选举标牌的例外情况)。

A temporary sign is not legally attached if it is:

  • Is attached to a standard street light pole, traffic signal pole, or a City sign pole (except for posters).
  • Is attached on or within a plus 15 bridge, pedestrian walkway, or overpass.
    连接在 plus 15 桥梁、人行道或立交桥之上或之内。
  • Is attached to a sound wall.
  • Is permanently affixed.   被永久固定。
  • Is supported by string, rope or metal guide-wire.
  • Causes or could cause damage to municipal property.

In addition, a temporary sign is not legal if it:

  • Has a position, shape, colour, format or illumination which is similar to a Traffic Control Device.
  • Is placed on any decorative or painted lamp post. Including posters.
  • Could be a hazard to either the person erecting the sign, or any member of the public.
  • Has a sign face larger than 0.6 square metres (3 square metres for election signs and Mobile Community Signs).
    标牌面大于 0.6 平方米(选举标牌和流动社区标牌为 3 平方米)。
  • Is higher than 0.92 metres when measured from grade to the highest part of the sign (2.5 metres for election signs and Mobile Community Signs)
    从地面到标志最高部分测量时高于 0.92 米(选举标志和流动社区标志为 2.5 米)
  • Is lit, electrified, or inflatable.
  • Is unsightly, damaged, or in disrepair.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $75 and $1000.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 75 至 1000 美元。

Election signs  选举标志

Election signs have certain exemptions from our Temporary Signs Bylaw. Election signs can be placed on municipal property for more than 14 consecutive days during an election period. But election signs on municipal property must be removed within 72 hours of the polls closing.
选举标志享有我们的临时标志章程的某些豁免。在选举期间,可以在市政财产上连续放置选举标志超过 14 天。但市政财产上的选举标志必须在投票结束后 72 小时内移除。

For information on these exemptions, please visit our election signs page.

Garage sale signs  车库出售标志

Garage sale signs need to follow all rules associated with temporary signs.

School Safe Zones Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw (29M97) Amendment
学校安全区高速公路临时标志附例 (29M97) 修正案

The School Safe Zones Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw (29M97) Amendment restricts advocacy messaging on public streets near schools, due to the harmful impact this messaging has on unwilling viewers. This bylaw amendment was created for the safety and protection of students, their caregivers, and school staff, who do not want to be exposed to this messaging while attending school.
《学校安全区高速公路临时标志章程》(29M97) 修正案限制在学校附近的公共街道上发布宣传信息,因为这种信息会对不情愿的观众产生有害影响。这项章程修正案是为了学生、他们的照顾者和学校工作人员的安全和保护而制定的,他们不想在上学时接触到这些信息。

The Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw prohibits the placement of signs within playground and school zones and with the amendment, restricts advocacy messaging on public property within 150 metres of a school (if larger than 3.5” by 5” in size). 
《高速公路临时标志章程》禁止在操场和学校区域内放置标志,并通过修正案限制在学校 150 米范围内的公共财产上宣传宣传信息(如果尺寸大于 3.5 英寸 x 5 英寸)。

Advocacy messaging is defined in the bylaw as messaging that publicly expresses an opinion on an issue or cause. An advocacy group is defined as any group that promotes this type of messaging whether it be an external group or student group.

The bylaw restrictions do not impose a ban on advocacy messaging, but rather restrict the size of the sign within a 150 metre distance from the school, thereby mitigating the issue of unwanted messaging.
附例限制并未禁止宣传信息传递,而是限制了距离学校 150 米范围内的标志尺寸,从而减轻了不必要的信息传递问题。

The bylaw does not apply to any activities within the school property, only to the public property around the school. Schools can give permission to advocacy messaging on school property.

Students looking to hold demonstrations on school property can seek approval from their schools.

Enforcement and reporting

The School Safe Zones Bylaw Amendment carries a fine of $1,000 for any person found to be displaying or carrying a sign with advocacy messaging:
《学校安全区章程修正案》规定,任何人若被发现展示或携带带有宣传信息的标牌,将被处以 1,000 美元的罚款:

  • Within 150 metres of the school boundary;
  • Larger than 3.5” by 5”;
    大于 3.5” x 5”;
  • During school days; and
  • Between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
    上午 7:30 至晚上 9:00 之间

The bylaw will operate on a complaint basis – individuals or advocacy groups known or suspected to be engaging in this process near schools should be reported.

Please call 311 (from within Calgary) or 403-268-CITY (2489) (from outside Calgary) to report.
请致电 311(卡尔加里境内)或 403-268-CITY (2489)(卡尔加里境外)举报。

30 烟雾

Under the Community Standards Bylaw, citizens should not engage in any activity that is likely to allow smoke, dust or other airborne matter, which may disturb any other person, to escape a premises without taking reasonable precautions.

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $100 and $500.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 100 至 500 美元。

31  抽烟

Under the Tobacco Reduction Act, smoking is not permitted in public premises and workplaces.

  • States that smoking is not permitted within 5 metres of a doorway, window, or air intake.
    规定门口、窗户或进风口 5 米范围内禁止吸烟。
  • Provides requirements for signs listing tobacco products and prices.
  • Outlines inspectors' duties and authorizes inspectors to perform these duties.
  • Exempts certain retailers, such as tobacconists, from the display and promotion conditions of the Act.
  • Establishes requirements for these retailers to be exempt.

The Tobacco Reduction Act also restricts tobacco sales. Specifically:

  • Retail displays, advertising and promotion of tobacco products are prohibited.
  • Tobacco sales are not permitted from health care facilities, public post-secondary campuses, pharmacies, and stores that contain a pharmacy.

E-cigarettes  电子烟

We have amended The City of Calgary Smoking Bylaw to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in public premises where tobacco is currently prohibited.

One exception to the bylaw is that the sampling of e-cigarettes will be permitted in stand alone, enclosed retail vape shops. This exception does not include smoking e-cigarettes at kiosks located in malls or any other establishments, i.e. restaurants or bars.

The City has monitored the use of e-cigarettes in vape shops and has concluded that minors visiting or sampling e-cigarette products are not a concern.

In addition, after discussions with adjacent businesses it was determined that the sampling of e-cigarette products within a store is not an issue.

Smoking and vaping bylaw

While the municipalSmoking and Vaping Bylaw remains in effect, the provincial Tobacco Reduction Act is the most restrictive piece of legislation and is primarily used when investigating a smoking complaint.

The Smoking and Vaping Bylaw covers infractions at/in:

  • Olympic Plaza  奥林匹克广场
  • +15 systems   +15个系统
  • Outdoor recreational areas: Smoking is not permitted within five metres of outdoor pools, outdoor skating rinks, playgrounds, skate parks or sports fields.


32 冰 雪

当每个人都努力清除冰雪时,卡尔加里的冬天会更加安全和易于管理。虽然市政府尽其所能清理道路、指定道路、人行道和其他频繁使用的公共区域,但《街道章程》第 67 条要求卡尔加里业主:

  • Remove snow and ice – down to bare surface – from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Owners of rental properties are responsible for arranging for snow and ice removal when they reside elsewhere.
    在降雪结束后 24 小时内,清除与私人财产接壤的公共人行道上的雪和冰,直至裸露的表面。出租房产的业主在其他地方居住时有责任安排除雪和除冰。
  • Remove a minimum width of 1.5 meters of snow and ice – down to bare surface – from a public pathway bordering their property, also within 24 hours of a snowfall ending.
    同样是在降雪结束后 24 小时内,从其住所周边的公共道路上清除至少 1.5 米宽的积雪和冰,直至裸露的表面。

    Applicable pathways are those that run parallel and adjacent to a street, with or without separation between the pathway and street (e.g. a grass boulevard).
  • Pile snow from their private driveway or walkway on their own property (e.g. front lawn). Snow from a public sidewalk or pathway may be shoveled onto another public property, such as a road.

See below for further details and penalty information. Or download the Street Bylaw and refer to Section 67 for the full set of regulations for snow and ice control.
请参阅下文了解更多详细信息和处罚信息。或者下载《街道章程》并参阅第 67 条,了解整套冰雪控制法规。

Noise exemption  噪音豁免

Many people rely on motorized equipment to clear snow, including City crews. Noise restrictions for using such equipment are lifted for 48 hours after a snowfall ends to clear walkways for safety and accessibility.
许多人依靠机动设备清除积雪,其中包括市政府工作人员。降雪结束后 48 小时内取消使用此类设备的噪音限制,以清理人行道以确保安全和无障碍。

This means anyone is allowed to operate a motorized snow clearing device (including leaf and snow blowers) — at any time of day/night — during that 48-hour window to remove snow and ice. ​Outside of that window, night use is not permitted. For more information, download the Community Standards Bylaw​ and refer to sections 31.1(e) and 31.1(2).
这意味着任何人都可以在 48 小时的时间内操作机动除雪装置(包括吹叶机和吹雪机),以清除雪和冰。​在该窗口之外,不允许夜间使用。如需了解更多信息,请下载社区标准章程​并参阅第 31.1(e) 和 31.1(2) 节。

Penalties for failing to remove snow

Property owners/occupants who do not comply with the bylaw and subsequent notices issued by The City may be subject to:

  • An invoice to the property owner from The City for clearing the sidewalk on their behalf. The cost is a minimum flat rate of $150 plus GST and an administration fee. The amount will be added to the owner's annual property tax if not paid by the invoice due date.
    市政府向业主开具的代表业主清理人行道的发票。费用最低统一费率为 150 美元,另加消费税 (GST) 和管理费。如果未在发票到期日之前支付,该金额将添加到业主的年度财产税中。
  • A fine of $250 to the property occupant for a first offence. Repeat offenders may be fined $500 for a second offence and $750 for a third offence and each offence thereafter within a 12-month period. Tickets issued to repeat offenders may require a court appearance.
    初犯者将被处以 250 美元的罚款。屡犯者第二次违规可处以 500 美元罚款,第三次违规可处以 750 美元罚款,此后 12 个月内每次违规均可处以罚款。向惯犯开出的罚单可能需要出庭。

    Unpaid fines will be collected by Alberta Registry Service at the time of license or registration renewal.

Reporting problem properties

Report a sidewalk not cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall ending; include address or location details. To report other snow/ice issues, please visit our Snow and ice concerns page.
报告降雪结束后 24 小时内未清理的人行道;包括地址或位置详细信息。要报告其他冰雪问题,请访问我们的冰雪问题页面。

33 街道


Recreation bylaws 娱乐章程

  • Skateboards or in-line skates are permitted on most City sidewalks or boulevards unless otherwise posted.
  • Children younger than 14-years-old may ride bicycles on the sidewalk.
  • In cases where a wheeled vehicle is permitted to be ridden on a City sidewalk or boulevard, it must be done in a safe manner that does not interfere with pedestrians.

Obstruction bylaws 阻碍章程

  • Keep hedges, trees and shrubs on your property trimmed so they don't interfere with pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Any structure within 7.5 metres of an intersection can be no more than 75 cm high*.
    交叉口 7.5 米范围内的任何结构高度不得超过 75 厘米*。
  • Do not place electrical cords, hoses or chains over a sidewalk.
  • Do not place any material in lanes, streets, sidewalks or City right-of-ways.

Vehicle bylaws 车辆章程

  • Vehicles parked on driveways may not block sidewalks or boulevards refer to the Traffic Bylaw.
  • Any vehicle noise measured at 96 decibels or more by a sound pressure level meter is “objectionable noise” and is in contravention of the bylaw. Noise regulations for vehicles can be found in the Traffic Bylaw 26M96.
    任何通过声压级计测得的车辆噪音为 96 分贝或以上的噪音均属于“令人反感的噪音”,并且违反了附例。有关车辆的噪音规定可参见交通法规 26M96。
  • Do not leave unregistered, uninsured vehicles on City streets or lanes.*
  • A vehicle must be operable and moved within 72, hours or it may be considered abandoned and removed as such.*
    车辆必须在 72 小时内可操作并移动,否则可能被视为废弃和移除。*

*This regulation is a part of Alberta's Traffic Safety Act and is enforced by the Calgary Parking Authority.

34 树木和灌木

Trees on public property

Under our Tree Protection Bylaw, the maintenance of trees on public property is the sole responsibility of The City. Our bylaw states that:

  • Cutting, removing, moving or pruning of The City of Calgary trees is prohibited unless City permission is granted.
  • Citizens cannot penetrate the bark or attach any object or sign to trees on City land.
  • Citzens cannot spray City trees with any substance except water.
  • Citizens cannot attach electrical cords or other objects to City trees.

To determine if a tree is a City tree, please call 311.
要确定一棵树是否为城市树,请致电 311。

Fines for violations of these regulations range between $100 and $500.
违反这些规定的罚款范围为 100 至 500 美元。

Trees in yards and on private property

Homeowners and/or occupants must keep hedges, trees and shrubs on their property trimmed so they don't interfere with pedestrians on the sidewalks or vehicles using the street or alley.

Please read the Yard and Perimeter Maintenance brochure for more information about bylaws related to trees and shrubs or other community standards.

With the exception of the laws outlined above, we do not have a bylaw that pertains to the management of trees located on private property. This is considered an issue between the two private property owners. Residents can contact an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) arborist to help them and/or provide an assessment.
除上述法律外,我们没有与私人财产上的树木管理有关的附则。这被认为是两个私人业主之间的问题。居民可以联系国际树木栽培协会 (ISA) 树木学家来帮助他们和/或提供评估。

Trees on properties with new homes

Owners of newly constructed homes may be required to plant trees on their property. For information on this, please visit our Tree Requirements for New Home Developments page.

Bylaw related to trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are regulated under the Street Bylaw under section 68(6) and protected under the Tree Protection Bylaw​.
树木和灌木受《街道附例》第 68(6) 条的监管,并受《树木保护附例》的保护。

This page is an overview of these regulations. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information. Original copies of the bylaw are available at the City Clerk's office.

35 卡车线路

In Calgary, trucks are only permitted on designated truck routes. Please refer to our Truck Routes Bylaw for a breakdown of the following:

  • Truck routes, as established in Schedule "A".
  • Restricted truck routes, as established in Schedule "B".
  • Truck zones, as established in Schedule "C".
  • Temporary truck routes, as designated under section 7.
    根据第 7 节指定的临时卡车路线。

Fines for violations of these regulations may reach a maximum of $2,500.
违反这些规定的罚款最高可达 2,500 美元。

36 不整洁的物业


  • Loose garbage, yard waste, bottles, cans, boxes,household furniture, packaging materials, parts of machinery, equipment, appliances and automobile parts must be stored so that they are not visible from outside of the property.

Accumulation of offensive material is prohibited. This includes animal remains, animal feces and materials that create unpleasant odours or are likely to attract pests.

  • Open or exposed storage of industrial fluid is prohibited — including engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze or any hazardous materials.
  • Refrigerators and freezers stored outside must be locked or have the doors removed and must not be visible from outside the property.
  • Building materials are not allowed to accumulate unless the owner can establish that construction or renovation is taking place or imminent. The materials must be stacked in an orderly manner and the amount of material must be reasonable for the planned project.
  • Dilapidated vehicles are prohibited anywhere on private property unless housed inside a building (Land Use Bylaw).

Fines for violations of these regulations are between $100 to $500, depending on the violation.
违反这些规定的罚款从 100 美元到 500 美元不等,具体视违规情况而定。

37  水

Water use in your home and community are regulated by our water utility bylaw. The bylaw states that:

  • All single family and two-family residences (such as duplexes) must be on a water meter.
  • All new residential and business water accounts are required to be set up on a water meter.
  • In the event of an emergency, your water may be shut off without notice.
  • In the event of a water shortage, watering restrictions may be enforced.
  • Water being used on private property (such as in a hot tub or pool) cannot be drained on to or across any portion of a city street, sidewalk, or park. Water also cannot be drained onto or across another person's private property. An exception is water from a portable swimming pool, decorative pond, or foundation having a capacity of 3,000 litres or less.
    私人财产(例如热水浴缸或游泳池)使用的水不能排放到或穿过城市街道、人行道或公园的任何部分。水也不能排入或穿过他人的私人财产。来自便携式游泳池、装饰性池塘或容量为 3,000 升或以下的地基的水除外。
  • When washing your car on your private property, you are only permitted to use water. Soap or detergent of any kind is not allowed.

38 杂草

find a summary of our regulations surrounding weeds.

  • Private property owners must ensure that weeds on their property are under control and do not spread to other properties. This includes the area from your property line to the centre of any street or alley.
  • Private property owners must control the growth of noxious weeds and must destroy any prohibited noxious weeds on their property.

Please note: Dandelions are no longer considered a noxious weed under the Weed Control Act. Bylaw Officers can only issue a warning to property owners if the dandelions are over 15 cm in height.
请注意:根据《杂草控制法》,蒲公英不再被视为有毒杂草。只有当蒲公英高度超过 15 厘米时,地方法规官员才能向业主发出警告。

Bylaw violations 违反章程

Fines for long grass and weeds are $400.
长草和杂草的罚款为 400 美元。

For violation of the weed legislation, Bylaw Officers may issue Remedial Orders to property owners to take corrective action regarding weeds on their property.

Non-compliance of an Order will result in the City taking corrective action and the property owner will be responsible for any costs incurred.

If necessary, a violation ticket requiring a court appearance may also be issued in accordance with the Weed Control Act.

A complete list of plants that are designated as prohibited noxious and noxious can be found in the Weed Control Regulation.

Preventing and Controlling Weeds

If you find an invasive plant, remove it and place it in the garbage. Do not place it in a composter, this just contributes to the seed spreading. More on how you can fight invasive plants.

The City of Calgary YardSmart provides guidelines for beautiful and healthy yards by using an environmentally friendly approach to yard, lawn and garden care.
卡尔加里市 YardSmart 通过采用环保方法来护理庭院、草坪和花园,为美丽和健康的庭院提供指南。

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